The Lovers – The Number Six in Major Arcana

In the card of Lovers, you can see an innocent naked couple. You must remember Adam and Eve in paradise. An angel serves as a reference and guide, but not the only influence that now. The snake in the apple and the Bible has something to offer

The Lovers is the first letter of shared ownership. Obviously the main characters are Adam and Eve. The angel and the serpent are symbols of potential decisions to be taken by the main characters.

Obviously, the letter at a crossroads where these two people should decide but no prior experience hinders taking this decision because they are innocent and it is evidenced by their naked bodies too.

The Lovers know and run the world of human decisions and have relation with the Air element which governs the mind and its processes, thoughts and forces for communication.

But the mind is assaulted by passion, as shown by the red mountain. The latter is older, more visceral, more dynamic and possessive with mental processes. It seems that Eve felt more strongly the magnetic attraction of the snake while Adam only has eyes for Eve only.

Being on its number 6 represents and indicates the trinity in duality. It is 2 times 3 or three times two. The two indicates alternatives from which to choose. Three indicates that the decision should involve three aspects as body, mind and spirit. The sixth chakra is the intuition and multidimensional vision and excellent connection to the Lovers.

The Lovers are related to Gemini in Zodiac, so they are influenced by its characteristics which include curiosity, restlessness, indecision and dispersion as well as their needs to have an opinion about everything.

Meanings of the Lovers being when on Right


It refers to the love and processes as well as friendship, relationships, agreements and alliances and represents the decision making in general.


It means the integration of their male and female polarities and they have the final say in a decision like the romance and are sensitive to the details and emotions of others.


The flowers show good relationships based on tolerance, love and respect and it may be necessary to decide about something.


It shows unrequited love and good sexual attraction.


It denotes to the opportunities with business partners, joint decisions and shared responsibilities.


It refers to good performance in business and managerial advice and associations and the ability to face professional challenges.
God Bless You

Good health and good sexual performance.


It refers to listening to your inner being and following the signs from light.

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